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Friday, December 30, 2011

Oaklie's first Christmas!!!

She was soooo fun this year!!! and don't worry, the Pepsi can was empty!!!! hahaha...being her grandma is super fun!


My autographed Chris Wingert Real Salt Lake ornament!!! nothing says "Merry Christmas" better than that!

Christmas 2011
CHRIS WINGERT IS MY FAVORITE GUY EVER!!!! (that's at the team store!)

SANTA LEO!!!! (at the team store!)

HANGIN' with Nat Borchers at The RioT!!! I love him!!!!!!!

ME hangin' in the clubhouse at The RioT!!! Man, how I love this place...it has to be my favorite place on earth!!!!!

I am seriously in the Real Salt lake locker room....NO JOKE!!!! I WAS REALLY REALLY REALLY THERE!!!! Chris Wingert and Kyle Beckerman are my guys!!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

well, with it being Thanksgiving again, I was thinking today about my awesome life!!! I have been so incredibly blessed!!! Alot of it has to do with this song..."HOME" by Daughtry! So...everyone always asks me why this is my favorite song! Well, I will tell you! When I had my tumors removed, I spent 4 days at the hospital without my kids. It was a very long 4 days. When my daughter picked me up from the hospital to come home, this song was on the radio! I just happened to pay attention to the lyrics, which I have heard sooo many times before. And it hit me...I was alive and I was going home. So many people who hear the word "TUMOR" aren't so lucky! I WAS GOING HOME!!!! Since then it reminds me every single day where I get to go and who I get to be with, my kids!!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

HEY! I realized I didn't blog about my trip to Denver, Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Cup!!! What the heck? The Rocky Mountain Cup is a trophy for whoever wins the soccer game every time Real Salt Lake and Colorado Crapids play each other! (oh, sorry...Colorado Rapids!) HAHAHA! Here's a secret...we don't like each other!
When we got to our hotel, Malyssa made us some signs!!!

We met some new friends right after we got out of our car!!!!

Then it was time for some pictures of us holding the CUP!!!!!!!!

The fans we sat with were awesome!!!!! (I don't know who took this picture, but it wasn't me!)

It was such a fun time sitting with these guys!!!! CRAZY BUT FUN! We had a guy from our supporters sneak into the Colorado fan section...it was soooo funny!!!

We met some of the most incredible people ever!!!!

This is our guys after the game...cause we gotta take the cup back to Salt Lake til next year!!!!!

THEY LOVE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were sooooo glad that we all made the trip to Denver, CO to watch them!!!!

Us by the fence waiting for the bus!! We were ALL there cheering for them when they got on the bus...the cool ones came to talk to us!!!

The next day, we woke up to find our hotel room covered in confetti! Sorry Maidservice...for the extra work! There was confetti all down the hall, in the elevator and all the way out to our car!!!!

Then we went to the reserve game....here's a few pictures from that game! (By the way...our Reserves freakin rock!)


My Two Cents for Today!

Something happened today and it got me thinking!!!! I always try to surround myself with as much positivity as I can...but why is it someone always tries to shoot you down and make you think you're not worth anything??? I HATE THAT! It just takes that one little negative comment to ruin your whole day!!!! Why can't people try harder to be nice? Just cause you are like that doesn't mean everyone else wants too!!!!